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Born in 1972, I grew up in the mean streets and grassy fields of 'Dirty Jersey'. In 1993 I moved to LA to attend The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). While at SCI-Arc I also attended classes at Pasadena's Art Center in Industrial and Automotive design to try and broaden my horizons. It was at Art Center that I figured out that I didn't want to limit myself with a career in 'just' Architecture. After I graduated in '97, I went to work for the now defunct Blue Sky VIFX as an assistant Maya animator. While at Blue Sky, I worked on 2 movies; T-REX 3D and Blade. After the completion of said movies I stuck around and learned how to program html and javascript to fill the void of a job opening. A merger with film house 'Rhythm and Hues' left me laid-off and looking for work. It was during this time that I went on a different path of designing and animating for the web, honing my skils in layout, design and functionality. I worked for a few start-up companies during the 'dot-com boom' and after a few years I realized I wanted to do more than design 'websites'. I forged ahead on my own as a freelance designer working on anything from print-ads and simple logo animations to realtiy TV show opens and packages. Currently I am a permalance designer / animator at FOX.
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